Evo Roll bar

Local Evo/STI Tuning expert Shaun Dickson brought us his personal evo for a roll bar to go racing this summer!

started with some nice plinth mounts!


and a nice wrap around plate for the rear.


mainhoop mock up and seat installed

fully TIG welded


rear tubes tacked in. First roll bar with 1.75″ tubing.

seat brace installed, cleaned and painted.

the glass sunroof was ditched and to protect the drivers head from sharp objects this aluminum panel was whipped up and installed.

Initially I wanted to make a plug type sunroof filler panel but after we realized the problems with sealing this from the elements we changed our design.

so we wheeled to fit..

sealed it up, buttoned it down, and water tested it!

Our customer out enjoying his car at VIR.

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Plastic Surgery

oem bumper
the before… the OEM with the lip attached.

bumper graft
decided to change the side vents to make the car look more agressive.

bumper graft oem
the backside of the graft before welding. so smooth.

lip graft
grafting the lip onto the bumper

bumper mold
a test fit to see how we like it.

custom bumer accord
the bumper in primer. The customer was speachless.

custom plastic bumper
the finished bumper, All Plastic, great fit to car, but with the extra touch.

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m3 scca roll bar

before…. snow day in the south!

fire extinguisher roll bar bracket
roll bar bracket for the fire extinguisher.

base plates roll bar e36
base plates. this is what keeps the roll bar from going through the floor in a roll over!

main hoop e36
the customer came and gave a hand for me bending the main hoop.

johnny valencia
seat brackets fabbed and test fit.

seat bolts
seat belt bolt plates. easier to weld before you cut them off the main plate.

tig welded roll bar
fully tig welded!

extingusher bracket
fire extinguisher bracket

tig welding in car
welding in the rear stays.

roll bar painted
after untaping from the paint

painted seat brackets
seat brackets painted

interior roll bar
installing the interior!

finished roll bar
finished product! sporting a company sticker too!

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer

jeep grand wagoneer
this truck showed up with badly applied vinyl woodgrain and painted over rust on the roof and about 500 other problems.

lead repair
the hood on the truck was full of fillers and had a horribly applied jelly undercoating on the bottom. with a better hood we repaired the damage with lead

grand wagoneer hood
working out all the problems

grand wagoneer gas door
also added aluminum to a tj jeep gas door to make it fit the body.

aluminum gas door fab
great fit!

defroster vent fabrication
we also built a defroster vent overlay out of aluminum.

grand wagoneer dash pad
now you see why….

grand wagoneer dash
working more on it.

defroster dash pad
finished… added a full rubber trim around the part to account for the expanding and contracting of the dash pad.

painting woodgrain
going to be painting some wood grain.

painting woodgrain trim
more woodgraining..

woodgrain jeep
finished side panels

painted wood wagoneer

trim installed wagoneer
the trim installed. lots of holes to fill. I plan this year to build some tooling to fabricate this trim out of aluminum or steel so i could be cut and welded to fit and then held on like typical tri five chevrolet trim. the options could become endless! As it is the trim is a TPO type of plastic and is a pain to deal with.

woodgrain painted trim
the trim painted

goodgrain painted

painted woodgrain
I liked doing this. fun and tiring.

jeep grand wagoneer hood
the roof and hood painted. the bottom of the hood looks just as crisp!

wagoneer wheels
we also refinished the wheels. before… and then blasted..

jeep wheels
the backside of the wheels refinished

jeep wheel refinished
and the finished wheel

candy painted tails
restored the tail lights with candy paint to bring back the red!

dash woodgrain
the old dash woodgrain

dash woodgrain
the finished dash woodgrain

wagoneer dash
lots of detail work on this dash.

seatbelt housings.
redyed the seat belt housings to match the interior and had new webbing stitched in.

spare tire rack
built a spare tire rack for under the truck. keep dirty tires away from the white leather.

finished jeep
The finished product.

jeep wagoneer

wagoneer interior

wagoneer wood trim

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Aluminum wheel arches

worktruck wheel arches
I am working more and more with aluminum. this lighter metal is excellent for bolt on applications and in cases where you do not want to have to paint.

aluminum wheel flares
still working on them.

aluminum widebody
bolted on. the truck still needs to come back for polishing them or brushing.

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yellow tinted lights.

Offering an alternative to line-x. with a painted on tint the lights allow more light through and no fraying edges.
line x paint
For that euro look.

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Woodgraining dash parts

woodgrain dash paint
the smoothed and ready parts.

very dark woodgrain
very dark woodgrain.

burled wood
when the light hits it you see the burled wood effect.

burled dash parts

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Stepping up on our wheel refinishing and repair

old wheel refinishing
The old bent curbed up wheel as it was brought to us.

curb damage repair
repairing curb damage..

sandblasted wheel
filed, turned and sandblasted

smoothing the aluminum and polishing
polishing the lip

painting wheels
painting the wheels

refinished z car wheels
all finished. you can also see the center caps that we filled in the emblem in the middle since these wheels are going on a corvair.

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New toys

New compressor
We bought a new compressor. I get to wire it up in the morning and experience 10hp 3 phase 2 stage air powering the shop!

hako 850 plasic tig welding
this is our new Hako 850. I bought it off another car enthusiast who is into electronics. The tool was meant to do computer board work… I have taught myself to quickly weld plastic with it. expanding our range of plastics and learning more and more. Plastics are prominent on todays cars and we want to combine old world methods and modern materials to offer more then what other shops can.

vinyl dash repair
here is a glove box from an early 70s dodge truck. we repaired the crack plastic melted the seam and smoothed the area over with the hako.

texture vinyl
and the texture repair… ready for dye in the morning when this is dry!

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full size chevy ss
the bed box removed, blocked and ready for primer.

custom steel bumper
the rear bumper slicked up, shaved, and frenched.

same with the tail gate

bedliner was sprayed after the truck bed was painted. after this it went to be stored while the front half of the truck was restored.

bodylines on cab
these bodylines have to go.

tig welding bodylines
tig welding has saved my life….. 😀 such heat control

shelly blocking
shelly blocking the old paint

block sanding
days of block sanding…

more metal work

bottom of truck hood
the bottoms of panels get the same attention

emblem restoration
restored the emblems too!

emblem restoration

emblem and grille
the grill received the same attention to detail.

light restoration
all the lights were sanded smooth (no letters on them or nibs) and clear coated.

hyper formance paint
more paintwork on the tailgate

interior stripped
the interior was fully gutted for dying all of the original plastic.

the truck sitting and curing in the sun for a week.

interior dye
meanwhile we worked on the interior parts.

then the truck was painted

the bed came back from storage

hush mat was installed for a quiet ride

interior 454ss
then the interior went back in. with many new things like carpet and headliner

more attention to detail

cutting and buffing
then the cutting and buffing started on the cab.

general assembly
along with general assembly

during a trip home to visit my parents my mother helped me with the seats and did the logos on the door inserts I made.

such a nice interior
such a nice interior

the customer was very happy with the 3 months of work!

the truck went to a show that weekend and won “best Chevrolet” 😀

and the wife made me pose for a picture!

454ss hyper
and a closing shot… such a nice reflection!

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